The energy saving and flexible plant growth chambers for all kinds of plants, Drosophila and plant cell culture as well as for materials research and document storage.

poly klima® plant growth chambers are designed especially for research application. They offer ideal conditions for almost every application. They also are suitable for every application that needs stable and reproducible climatic conditions like document storage. The thorough arrangement of the lamps ensures excellent light homogeneity over the whole growing area.

Among our 4 standard sizes (S, M, X, XL) we also produce custom-made plant growth chambers. Light intensity, growing height and growing area are customizable with the standard sized chambers as well as with the individually build chambers.

With our intuitively to operate elements you have free choice about light intensity, humidity, temperature and CO2-level. So you will be able to port any environmental condition into a controllable surrounding.

The shelves and light fixtures are adjustable in height very easy and without any tools. For easy loading the single shelf-parts are retractable individually.


  • Dimmable fluorescent or CDM-T lamps and additional red and infra-red LEDs (optional) ensure maximum homogeneity and a rich light spectrum at all chosen intensities.
  • All light fixtures can be equipped with most modern LED-technology  (optional)  (see also product sheet polyphoLED)
  • A plant growth chamber can be equipped with up to 6 light fixtures (M, X, XL). The shelves and light fixtures are in height very easy and without any tools and retractable individually.
  • The condensation drain is located at the chamber bottom and is equipped with a ¾“ hose fitting, which can be led directly to a floor drain or to a pumping system.
  • All parts used are from Germany, Austria or France and are excelling with highest quality. This guarantees a trouble free and long life of the chamber.
  • All metal-materials are made of galvanized and durable plastic coated metal and therefore non-corrosive.
  • We build the chambers at site out of 6 single pieces. Therefore low or narrow doors are no issue. All types can be placed without problems in a room with a minimum room height of 230 cm.
  • Warranty is 24 months (excluding lamps).


Technical details

  Air-cooled or water-cooled, energy-saving cooling engine with permanent hot gas control und RPM-regulated fans inside the chamber. Therefore energy consumption and wind stress is reduced significantly.
  Standard temperature range: +10° C up to 44° C (at full light intensity), +7°C up to +44° C (without light). Of course extended temperature ranges are possible.
  Energy-saving fluorescent lamps, light color 840. The provide ideal light wave length for plant growing and a high light-performance in all temperature-ranges and a very good energy balance.
  You can choose from various light intensities. Even with the dimmable standard configuration light intensity is adjustable in 0,5%-steps with the touch-panel or a remote PC.
  4 intensity-groups to choose from (measured at 15 cm distance):
a.) 5 – 250 µmol/m²/s
b.) 8 – 400 µmol/m²/s
c.) 15 – 650 µmol/m²/s
d.) 200 – 1.000 µmol/m²/s
  Optional the lamp banks can also be configurated with LED.panels or LED-stripes. There are up to 20 light channels possible. We just use strictly selected LEDs. Our standard LED-lighting solution is equipped  with either two light channels ( white and far-red) or 4 channels (blue, white, red and far-red), Each light colour is dimmable separately with each lamp bank.
  Optional ultrasonic humidification für relative Humidity from 45% up to 95% r.H (depending on set light level, inside and outside chamber temperature and ambient humidity.
  Additional dehumidification optional possible
  Chamber parameters can be controlled and programmed with a high-grade industry-standard touch panel on the chamber or a remote PC. The 12” graphic display ensures a quick and intuitive programming and shows all actual and nominal values.
  All alarm messages will be shown in text-messages on the touch panel and additionally be forwarded via E-Mail or SMS.
  With the visualizing software on every access-authorized windows-based computer in the network all parameters can be displayed, edited and programmed comfortably.


For further information please refer to the product sheet.

We can realize every individual request and customize our chambers according your needs!

We would love to visit you and counsel in advance via telephone.

Product sheet poly klima plant growth chambers

Standard Sizes Plant Growth Chambers

Standard Sizes Plant Growth Chambers (printer friendly)


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