Desert or tropics? The choice is yours…

…because with poly klima products you control the climate.

Indeed, you can bring any environmental condition into a controllable surrounding because our intuitive user interface gives you independent adjustment of light intensity, humidity, temperature and CO2-level.

poly klima is a young and innovative subsidiary company of Heinz Hofmann & Sohn GmbH, which for four generations has stood for sustainable solutions in terms of construction and installation of refrigeration plants and customized climatic chambers.

poly klima designs and builds custom-made climatic rooms and chambers for environmental simulation for various research fields at universities and institutes.

Summary of your benefits:

  • We don’t just deliver a product, we provide a service and make sure the system gets configured to your specific needs.
  • Parameter and program control intuitive to operate and password secured via touch screen or computer
  • Precise adjustment of each parameter to maintain constant temperature management and exact air distribution as well as homogeneous light distribution.
  • Homogeneous lighting is provided with intensities from 5 up to 1.500 µmol (configured with common lamps)
  • Advanced LED-lighting solutions possible in growth cabinets as well as in walk-in-rooms. Dimmable in 10.000 steps. Choice of various LED-colors, top quality LEDs.
  • Optimal energy efficiency is achieved with up to 50% energy saving compared to conventional systems!
  • Low maintenance and minimal downtime is achieved due to the use of high-quality materials and proven components
  • Computer-aided after-sales support enables a fast and competent service
  • The system is made in Germany, where precision and reliability is built into centuries of our history.


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for France, Poland, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finnland, Norway, Spain, Portugal
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